How do I protect my valuables?

We’ve developed a strategy to look after your things while a guest is in your home: 1. Like a hotel, we have passport details, a pre-authorized credit/debit card, and we’ll have met them in person when checking them into your home. 2. We will work closely with you to identify certain items that you don’t want on display. Using tamper-evident seals we can section off cupboards or certain rooms in the house that are off limits to guests. This will be pointed out when checking a guest in. In the off chance a guest breaks a seal we would know during check out and can mange the situation accordingly. 3. We encourage our homeowners to be insured. Our custom policies protect your items in the off chance something should go wrong. 4. We ask our homeowners to be responsible. If an item is of particular value we encourage you to organize alternative means of storing them whether it is with a trusted friend or in a safe.